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Tattoo You – A great way to test out pla

Tattoo You – A great way to test out places to see if you’d want a real one there too! DIY temporary tattoos #Tattoos #DIY

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Local artist will have his work on display at The 39th Annual Statewide Competition Exhibition

Support your local artists at the 39th annual Statewide Competition Exhibition! Click through for more details.

Steve Stones' Art

Are you looking for some summer fun? You’re in luck because Steve Stones will be displaying his art at the 39th Annual Statewide Competition Exhibition! The exhibit will be held  at the Eccles Community Art Center, located  at 2580 Jefferson Avenue.

The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci.

Stones entered his piece, The Amazing Tree Girl, which was inspired by his Carnival of Chaos Series; however, it wasn’t accepted into this year’s competition. Fortunately, Stones also entered, The Last Supper of Ronald McDonald, which clearly references Leonardo da Vinci’s  The Last Supper and it was accepted into this year’s competition! Come and see it, along with the works of several amazing artists at the 39th Annual Statewide Competition Exhibition! Artworks can be seen from August 1-31st, and there will be an opening reception announcing the winners of the competition at the Art Center on Friday, August 2nd from 5-9 p.m.

Steve Stones Art, Ogden Artist, Steve Stones, Tree Girl, Rejected Art

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Taste of Italian Food on Its Own Land

Regional Italian food – inside of Italy.


Italian food is world famous and there are many specialized Italian restaurants all across the globe. But the real fun of eating Italian food is in Italy itself. The European country has a lot to things to explore and eat some delicious food simultaneously. A wide range of Italian foods are served to people in restaurants considering their particular taste and style. You can also get some amazing experiences of enjoying the yummy yet hygienic foodstuff.

Italian cuisine has formulated through centuries of political and social changes. It is greatly influenced by Jewish, Etruscan, ancient Roman, Byzantine and ancient Greek. Different types of taste, colors and verities of meals are served in the country. So, you will get amazed to see the diversity. Try out a number of dishes and get some good experiences. Though you can find Italian restaurants in other parts of the world as well, the real…

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Easy Roasted Veggie Calzone

A veggie calzone….what do you think?

A Dash of Love Recipes

I usually cook with whatever ingredients I have left from the day before cooking. I made indian curry the day before and have tomato sauce leftover. So my question was how to make use of this tomato sauce. There are many way you can use tomato sauce with and Pizza is one of the first choice that come in mind. But I don’t like to do same thing and want to try something different. With similar ingredients, Instead of making pizza, I made Calzone!  Yes..You can put more stuffing and cheese in with less mess when you eat it so why not 🙂 I have shared my hawaiian pizza recipe before. This calzone recipe use the same recipe for dough, just a little twist on the form and steps. Hope you all like it.

calzone 1

Yield: 4 serving
Prep Time : 1 hr 10 mins
Cook Time : 20 mins


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