Santa Monica Pizza & Pasta Co.

Diner · Italian Restaurant · Sandwich Shop · Pizza Place

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Pizza is one of Alexis´s favorite food. I mean, what kid doesn´t like pizza? or what adult for that matter does not like pizza? We first discovered his passion for pizza when one night me and hubby ordered one of the best pizza´s ever, Jerry´s. It is my hubby´s favorite and every time we come to Romania he eats it on a weekly basis. So the pizza comes and Alexis was in another room, hubby sneaks into the kitchen to hide it, but does not succeed. The child goes running in the kitchen and when he sees the carton box he says: “piiiii tttaaaa” :)) he was very funny and also we were amazed because he cannot really say anything else other then mama, baba and 2-3 other words. So yeah, we figured out what “pita” meant cas he kept saying the word but we could not understand what he…

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Author: Santa Monica Pizza & Pasta Co.

We specializes in rustic-style pizzas, calzones and "pastazones," which are calzones stuffed with pasta. We also serve "pizzinis" -- house-made flatbread sandwiches that are "stacked and packed" with fillings like meatballs and barbecued chicken. Our pasta specialties include chicken Alfredo, pasta pomodora, mac & cheese, ravioli and lasagna. Finish it all off with cheesecake, brownies or tiramisu for dessert

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