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London pizza beats Italian as best food item

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Sarah Kramer

According to Bloomberg, voters on Chowzter named a London pizza the best food item in the world, beating out Italian pizza. Chowzter is a blogging site that is curated by the top 70 food bloggers in the world who discuss the best food items. Other winners included Best Burger to a restaurants who claims to have invented the hamburger in New Haven, Connecticut.

Yahoo news reported on a story about a woman named Margot Woelk who recently revealed that she was a food tester for Adolf Hitler. During the war, Hitler was concerned that the British would poison him, so he required 15 girls to taste his meals before eating them. She spoke openly about her fears that his paranoia would become reality.

Cuts of pork and beef are getting new names, according to the Kansas City Star. The National Pork Board and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association…

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We specializes in rustic-style pizzas, calzones and "pastazones," which are calzones stuffed with pasta. We also serve "pizzinis" -- house-made flatbread sandwiches that are "stacked and packed" with fillings like meatballs and barbecued chicken. Our pasta specialties include chicken Alfredo, pasta pomodora, mac & cheese, ravioli and lasagna. Finish it all off with cheesecake, brownies or tiramisu for dessert

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