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Waste or waist? What to consider when eating out

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Hunger Pains

I remember a time my parents brought me out my left overs from the previous night as breakfast…They clearly wanted me to finish every last bite. I wonder if this stemmed my desire to clear the plate when I had meals presented to me.

Unfortunately, this habit can be a bit of a burden when we live in a society that serves food that is enough to feed me for lunch and dinner. Leaving food on the plate can be disheartening for several reasons. 

1. Food waste.  No one wants to throw out food. We all got threatened with the ‘think of the people in Africa’ line when we were young.

2. Money. I paid for it, therefore I should finish it or it is like throwing money away

3. It’s there so I have to finish it. Seeing food can make us want to eat…

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Author: Santa Monica Pizza & Pasta Co.

We specializes in rustic-style pizzas, calzones and "pastazones," which are calzones stuffed with pasta. We also serve "pizzinis" -- house-made flatbread sandwiches that are "stacked and packed" with fillings like meatballs and barbecued chicken. Our pasta specialties include chicken Alfredo, pasta pomodora, mac & cheese, ravioli and lasagna. Finish it all off with cheesecake, brownies or tiramisu for dessert

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