Santa Monica Pizza & Pasta Co.

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The Blooming Jade

yayfoodRestaurant outings can be a horrifying experience for the vegan, vegetarian, paleo, or gluten-free eater.  While your friends are gawking over the deep fried bread and meat-on-meat dishes, you are trying to figure out how to avoid a belly ache or an allergic reaction. It’s easy to have a breakdown in these situations.  You’re hungry, and you just want some food you CAN eat.

No need to get crazy.  Locate Special Diet has your back!  

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Author: Santa Monica Pizza & Pasta Co.

We specializes in rustic-style pizzas, calzones and "pastazones," which are calzones stuffed with pasta. We also serve "pizzinis" -- house-made flatbread sandwiches that are "stacked and packed" with fillings like meatballs and barbecued chicken. Our pasta specialties include chicken Alfredo, pasta pomodora, mac & cheese, ravioli and lasagna. Finish it all off with cheesecake, brownies or tiramisu for dessert

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