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New Dessert Pizzas!

We’ve added two amazing new dessert pizzas: S’mores and Peanut butter & M&M delight! Come down and try them for yourself. Image



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The Long Board


This is our legendary Long Board Calzone. It has everything you could ever want in a pizza, including meatballs, sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, black olives, bell peppers, red onions, and ham. The best part about it? It weighs a whopping FIVE POUNDS! And it’s over 16 inches long. Any challenge this large deserves its own reward, and we are willing to give it to you. If you can finish it in 30 minutes, you get to rename it!

This challenge is so legendary, it is rumored that only 3 people in the Fanzinni family have finished it. Antonio Fanzinni in 1964 and Frankie and Luciano in 1971.

Are you up to the challenge? Stop by and give it your best shot!

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Pizza, Pasta, and People

Every weekend we are privileged to find that our little restaurant located here in Ogden, Utah, is filled with the sounds of people talking, and delicious meals being prepared. There is always laughter, music, and someone wowing at the pizzas that are being tossed in the air. Waiters and waitress hop from table to table, taking orders and bringing meals. Busboys scurry around trying to clear messes as fast as they can so that newcomers can be seated. The sweet aroma of pizzas cooking in the fire baked oven, feels the air and causes mouths to water with the anticipation of their meals being brought to the table. Every weekend a local artist acts as the nights entertainment. Sometimes it’s a well know artist or band like Royal Bliss and other times it is someone who has just started to be recognized for their talents. No matter who it is, the live performance is always wonderful and we are always a bit taken back by the excitement and energy that fills the room or the patio. On occasion someone will attempt to tackle The Legendary Long Board, a massive calzone, with a tenancy to leave a person with regret. There is always someone wrestling over the last slice of pizza, often times giving the remark that they “will do the dishes for a week, if it’s theirs”.  (Which we happen to think is a pretty fair trade) All in all, despite the hustle and bustle of people coming and going, there is always a sense of excitement. Pizza, Pasta, and People, those are the three things that make this little pizza place feel like home.

Thank you, to all of you who have joined us and made Santa Monica Pizza such a wonderful place to work!